Soundtrack of summer

Watch out, here it comes marchin’ in. Ready to shake up everything.

…is the intro of an amazing track by the Swedish electro-pop band Lo-Fi-Fnk, but for us it’s also a call for summer. As the days gets longer and the people gets happier, it’s hard not to feel it coming. We’re thrilled by this view and want to give you a mix of tracks suitable for warm days spent by the beach, or dinner parties in the garden.

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Soundtrack of NYC

Second off in our series of playlists is of course the soundtrack of our second home, the city that never sleeps–NYC. We’ve selected tracks that captures the mood and character found around the city’s neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where we find our inspiration and drive from a unique mix of people, culture and diversity. 

This playlist reminds us of strolling down West Village, blurry nights between bars in Greenpoint, and rush-hour mornings on the train crossing Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

This is our way of sharing #oodinmoments in NYC. Put your sunglasses on and give it a listen.  If you haven't got any yet, visit our online SHOPAlways free shipping and free returns. 

Our second home

Northern Territory in Brooklyn. 

Northern Territory in Brooklyn. 

New York City is huge, and tough to experience in just one visit. The 5 boroughs of the city is the home to plenty restaurants, museums, and people from all cultures. So let’s skip the tourist lines at the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, and experience the city through the eyes of a local. 

We get it, you’re in NYC and you want to try all the american classics (and your should). But when you’re done stuffing yourself with hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches and steaks it’s time to visit Chinatown for some, wait for it–Vietnamese food. Saigon Vietnamese makes the most delicious sandwich $5 will get you in the big city. It’s called a Banh Mi, a vietnamese classic consisting of a fresh baguette filled with ham, pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro and hot chili.

Bring your sandwich to go and head down to the East River Ferry, one of our favorite ways to get around and see the city. The ferry will take you from lower Manhattan to beautiful Greenpoint in northern Brooklyn. On your way up the river you’ll get a good view of Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg and the Manhattan skyline.

As you walk through the city you’ll notice how strong New Yorkers feel for pizza. Everyone will tell you about their favorite place that “serves the best slices in the city”. We’re no exception. So skip the tourist traps in Little Italy and make your way to Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint to indulge in wood oven baked pizzas with unique toppings and fresh ingredients. Don't forget to say hi to the lovely owner Paulie. This really is the best pizza in the world, we promise!

Thirsty? Try Attaboy, our favorite Manhattan cocktail bar. It’s hidden behind a big metal door, speakeasy style, so you might accidentally walk past it. Knock on the door and wait to be buzzed it. Once inside, sit down by the bar at let some of the most competent mixologists in the world craft a drink after your instructions. Continue into the New York night and explore the dirty dive bars, fancy rooftop bars, and the city’s rejuvenated club scene.

Afraid of waking up the day after with a combination of dehydration, jetlag, and a soaring hangover? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Start your day at the Russian and Turkish Baths in East Village. Relax in one of the six different saunas, ranging from steamy rooms to hot traditional Russian saunas. Try some Russian treats like pierogies in the restaurant and lastly really wake up by dipping into the ice bath!

These are just a small slice of what a day in our parts of New York could look like. We hope you enjoyed it.

Hidden gems in our town

The industrial-looking sauna called Svettekörka.

The industrial-looking sauna called Svettekörka.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a local in Gothenburg for 12 hours? Join us for a day of adventures and discover an alternative and more genuine approach to our town Gothenburg. This is where we find our daily source of inspiration.

10. am – Wakey, wakey. It’s time to get up and embrace the day and all the moments with it. But first we need some breakfast or even better; brunch. Röda Sten is an alternative arena for contemporary art in all its forms but also a popular restaurant serving an amazing brunch on Sundays called "Meat Free Sundays”. Definitely a must for brunch lovers and a chance to see all the boat leaving the harbour of Gothenburg and sailing off into the horizon. – Hopefully by now, the brunch has settled in and we ready for some traditional Scandinavian activity with a twist. The German architect collective Raumblabor from Berlin are the masters behind one of Gothenburg’s most interesting places, an industrial-looking sauna above the waters of Gothenburg port. The frontage is made from recycled material and the walls inside the locker rooms are made of 12 000 recycled glass bottles (!) . The sauna is very popular and usually fully booked months ahead, so make sure you book in advance. – Restaurants are so 2015. Ever heard of AirDine? This app was recently launched in Gothenburg and it enables you to have dinner at someone's place. You pay for pre-set menu, get a home cooked meal and perhaps make a new friend along with your dessert! Just like Uber, but a bit more social. People from Gothenburg are known to be very relaxed and welcoming so you should definitely put this on your menu. – This place truly is a hidden gem. There's no sign, just a door with a doorbell. Ring the bell and they'll hopefully let you in. Stranger is an amazing cocktail bar with connoisseurs behind the bar, customizing each and every drink after you preferences. The perfect way to finish you day in Gothenburg, as a true local.

These places are hidden gems for a reason; so let this remain our little secret between us (ok…you can tell your best friend if you like). And don't forget to bring your OODIN sunglasses on the adventure. Shop right here




As every week passes, each day brings with it an extra ray of sunlight. In Northern Europe we are heading towards the summer and in Gothenburg the sun now sets at 5 pm, giving us more light during the day. Small changes that mean so much.

OODIN is all about embracing the small and wonderful moments in life. Whether it’s a leisurely walk around the city exploring nature or an inspiring walk by the sea listening to your favorite playlist (or perhaps explore new music and listen to our playlist), these moments mean a lot.  It’s almost as if, from year-to-year, we forget how it feels when the sunlight hits our face and we actually feel the warmth from the sun. People smile a lot more now. Spring and summer are just around the corner.

In this series of posts we will highlight the moments that matter to us, in our lives and also in the lives of the people around us. We all have different views of what makes a perfect #oodinmoment. It all comes down to what we enjoy in life and what makes our heart beat that extra beat for something or someone special. As always we want to be a part of your special moments, and we are more than a little curious to know what they look like. Why not show us using #oodinmoments.  

Soundtrack of our youth

We all know the feeling: an old classic comes over the radio and suddenly we’re transported back — to a memorable high-school night, or to that perfect afternoon on the beach with friends. Moments and music has a unique connection but what is it about music that can evoke such vivid memories?

Once a month we at OODIN will share our music experiences from our lives, which have that special meaning to our story and shaped us as individuals. First off in this series of playlists is a collection of tracks from our youth in Sweden, mainly influenced by great artists from our current hometown Gothenburg. Have a listen and if you like it, you can always save it on your Spotify account.