As every week passes, each day brings with it an extra ray of sunlight. In Northern Europe we are heading towards the summer and in Gothenburg the sun now sets at 5 pm, giving us more light during the day. Small changes that mean so much.

OODIN is all about embracing the small and wonderful moments in life. Whether it’s a leisurely walk around the city exploring nature or an inspiring walk by the sea listening to your favorite playlist (or perhaps explore new music and listen to our playlist), these moments mean a lot.  It’s almost as if, from year-to-year, we forget how it feels when the sunlight hits our face and we actually feel the warmth from the sun. People smile a lot more now. Spring and summer are just around the corner.

In this series of posts we will highlight the moments that matter to us, in our lives and also in the lives of the people around us. We all have different views of what makes a perfect #oodinmoment. It all comes down to what we enjoy in life and what makes our heart beat that extra beat for something or someone special. As always we want to be a part of your special moments, and we are more than a little curious to know what they look like. Why not show us using #oodinmoments.