Hidden gems in our town

The industrial-looking sauna called Svettekörka.

The industrial-looking sauna called Svettekörka.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a local in Gothenburg for 12 hours? Join us for a day of adventures and discover an alternative and more genuine approach to our town Gothenburg. This is where we find our daily source of inspiration.

10. am – Wakey, wakey. It’s time to get up and embrace the day and all the moments with it. But first we need some breakfast or even better; brunch. Röda Sten is an alternative arena for contemporary art in all its forms but also a popular restaurant serving an amazing brunch on Sundays called "Meat Free Sundays”. Definitely a must for brunch lovers and a chance to see all the boat leaving the harbour of Gothenburg and sailing off into the horizon.

2.pm – Hopefully by now, the brunch has settled in and we ready for some traditional Scandinavian activity with a twist. The German architect collective Raumblabor from Berlin are the masters behind one of Gothenburg’s most interesting places, an industrial-looking sauna above the waters of Gothenburg port. The frontage is made from recycled material and the walls inside the locker rooms are made of 12 000 recycled glass bottles (!) . The sauna is very popular and usually fully booked months ahead, so make sure you book in advance.

6.pm – Restaurants are so 2015. Ever heard of AirDine? This app was recently launched in Gothenburg and it enables you to have dinner at someone's place. You pay for pre-set menu, get a home cooked meal and perhaps make a new friend along with your dessert! Just like Uber, but a bit more social. People from Gothenburg are known to be very relaxed and welcoming so you should definitely put this on your menu.

10.pm – This place truly is a hidden gem. There's no sign, just a door with a doorbell. Ring the bell and they'll hopefully let you in. Stranger is an amazing cocktail bar with connoisseurs behind the bar, customizing each and every drink after you preferences. The perfect way to finish you day in Gothenburg, as a true local.

These places are hidden gems for a reason; so let this remain our little secret between us (ok…you can tell your best friend if you like). And don't forget to bring your OODIN sunglasses on the adventure. Shop right here